Public Relations

Increase your publicity through targeted Media and Press Work

„Courage strategy consulting delivers with competence and efficiency, most importantly: Results are achieved!“

ORRICK - Prof. Dr. Siegfried Elsing, Senior Partner

Successful positioning – of companies, products, services and people

The right story – told the right way – has the power to transform careers, businesses, and public opinion. The Courage team knows how to professionally maximize opportunities and avert possible risks. Whether it is to increase your profile or to advise you professionally during a crisis. In consultation with you, we develop a well-founded strategy and define measures and topics that are of real interest in the press and your target group. We have long-standing good contacts with national and international journalists, editors, TV presenters and multipliers from the (business) media and the specialist press. We also plan and organize events, interviews and panels.

Analysis and market research are the be-all and end-all of any successful campaign

We know which data and background information are required in order to be able to strategically record and analyze your situation and your goals. We are experts in qualitative and quantitative research, online surveys, in-depth interviews, web analytics and more. Knowledge is the foundation on which every decision is made. That’s what we stand for.

Communication is at the focus of our work

We know that people understand complex problems when there is less “noise” and more substance. This is particularly important for our customers in the professional service sector. The development of a relevant positioning – for people and for companies and law firms – is an art. Building on the positioning, we develop target-oriented content (messaging) with which we position our customers as topic leaders with the relevant target groups. The Courage team can look back on many years of experience in providing compelling content. We work with CEOs, COOs, CMOs and boards.

Marketing in all communication channels

Today your brand must be present wherever your customers and clients are. Take a look around and you will see people working on their laptops, communicating on social media, listening to music, and watching TV or a video at the same time. People experience brands faster and on more and more communication channels. We know which channels are suitable for your target group and which content is successful there. We know how to write stories, reformulate tough debates, change minds and create new sustainable ways to differentiate your brand.

More sales and growth

We know how to help customers generate more sales. Whether it is addressing a new target group, the launch of a new product or a new service. We support you: from generating ideas to analyzing and implementing. The Courage Strategy team is constantly looking for ideas to generate new growth channels.

Our expertise

  • Classic press work
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis PR Reputation management
  • PR for executives
  • Media training
  • Content development
  • Events