Marketing / Business Development

Strengthen your appearance through differentiated positioning and win lucrative new customers.

„I was very impressed by Courage’s thorough understanding of the legal market. Strategic perspectives and analytical depth allowed us many more possibilities in the areas of marketing and client recruitment. Now we realize new projects together!“

ORRICK - Dr. Arno Frings, Managing Partner

Our work revolves around one key focus: Growth. We help you increase your revenue through more clients and client loyalty, whilst maintaining the highest level of efficiency.

We analyse your client approach and examine where you stand with respect to competitors in the market (Benchmarking). Together with you we develop a suitable positioning for your business, as well as innovative business concepts that will elevate you from your competitors.

Benefit Check

We should connect if your answer to one of the following questions is NO:

  1. Are you satisfied with your business development? Are you achieving your annual goals?
  2. Are you receiving the mandates you are envisioning – both qualitative and quantitative?
  3. Do your current clients consider your law firm for all important mandates?
  4. Do your potential clients know why you are better than the competition?
  5. Does your law firm’s strategy consider the changing market demand?
  6. Is your law firm’s strategy supported by a targeted marketing strategy?
  7. Are you using a differentiating marketing appearance to gain clients?
  8. Would you like to know more about how your law firm can attract High Potentials?
  9. Would you like to increase your presence in the media, in order to win over more client
  10. Are you already taking advantage of the countless social media marketing possibilities?