Trumponomics vs. Bidenomics

My interview with Todd Buell, a longtime journalist for the #WallStreetJournal, now with Law360. 🎥🇺🇸

We discussed the pressing economic issues facing both the U.S. and Germany.

Many midsize companies are considering expanding to the U.S. But why? Are the U.S. better equipped to handle crises than Germany?

Germany currently appears to be lagging behind. Whether justified or not, we tend to talk ourselves into crises, which only worsens them. However, the challenges are real: high energy costs, excessive bureaucracy, and labor shortages cannot be ignored. Our economic growth rate of 0.2% compared to the U.S.’s 2.7% is also troubling.

In this video, Todd and I discuss the „can-do“ mentality prevalent in the U.S. and how it contrasts with the German approach. Especially in light of the upcoming US elections.

Key Questions:

🇺🇸 Why are so many midsize companies considering a U.S. expansion? What are the strengths of the U.S. market, and where might Germany have an edge?

🇺🇸 What political and economic risks do you foresee if Donald Trump were to be re-elected?

🇺🇸 The IMF has expressed concerns about the significant U.S. debt. Neither Trump nor Biden seem to have plans for austerity measures. What do you predict for the medium-term economic trajectory?

🇩🇪 How does the U.S. view Germany’s economic situation? Some top German bankers believe Germany is well-positioned. With some policy adjustments, they argue, we could reclaim our position as a leader. What is your perspective on how Germany handles crises? Is there anything we could learn from the U.S.? Or vice versa?

I’d love to hear your opinions after watching the interview!

Link to the Interview:

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