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Explore successful business development strategies for law firms and gain invaluable insights from this video interview. We consult law firms in business development for over a decade. Today I talk to Dr. Christian Kessel, a lawyer, to get an insight prospective.


As the founder and managing director of COURAGE Marketing PR, I bring over 20 years of expertise in PR and marketing, including senior roles in international top network agencies like BBDO, GREY, and McCann. Since 2010, I’ve led Courage Marketing PR, advising well-known companies and law firms nationally and internationally. Visit us at to learn more.

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • Gain firsthand insights from Dr. Christian Kessel, a recognized „rainmaker“ in the legal industry.
  • Explore the importance of proactive business development in law firms and debunk the myth that lawyers don’t need to sell.
  • Learn practical tips for crafting a clear vision and establishing a personal brand to attract clients.
  • Understand the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in legal practice and its potential impact on client engagements and billing.
  • Discover how empowerment can foster a culture of business development within law firms, encouraging associates to take ownership of client relationships.

In conclusion, Dr. Christian Kessel’s insights provide invaluable guidance for legal professionals navigating the changing landscape of business development. Stay informed and empowered to succeed in your legal career.